We are Integrative Health Pharmacists dedicated to providing evidence-informed, scientifically-driven education to empower healthcare professionals and students to personalize care to improve patients' health outcomes and quality of life.

Who are we?

We're Dr. Pam Tarlow and Dr. Swathi Varanasi. So glad you are here!

What's our story?

With over forty years of combined experience, Dr. Pam Tarlow and Dr. Swathi Varanasi are pioneers in integrative health and preventative medicine.

Hearing rave reviews from past Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) students, fourth-year pharmacy student Swathi reached out to set up a month-long experience in beautiful Los Angeles, California.

Little did Dr. Tarlow nor Dr. Varanasi know that the professional stars would align that February.

Throughout the month from counseling experiences in the independent pharmacy, to sitting in on a series of drug-herb interactions lecture at a college of traditional Chinese medicine and helping edit her Western Pharmacy Exchange presentation, they forged a professional partnership and began the discussion about the possibility and feasibility of setting up the first-ever year-long Integrative Health Pharmacy residency training program in the country.

In the months between March and June, Dr. Tarlow and Dr. Varanasi maintained communication while in different states and different countries to curate an enriching year-long training experience now called, Postgraduate Year One Integrative Health Pharmacy Residency, focused in the many modalities of health, wellness, and healing.

Beyond their passion for integrative health, Dr. Tarlow and Dr. Varanasi also bonded over their interest in leadership and entrepreneurship and have since co-founded and run Integrative Health 101, an online school providing educational resources and online courses for healthcare professionals, like you, to learn what you need to know to help serve your patients better.

Because that is what matters–improving the lives of our patients, loved ones, and ourselves–every single day.

What are our students saying about Integrative Health 101?

"This course was awesome. So glad I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I made great connections, and this course rekindled my love of integrative medicine."

– Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

"I enjoyed every second of this course! It was so informative, and to make it even better, you can tell how passionate Dr. Swathi and Dr. Tarlow are about integrative health when they are presenting. It makes learning about integrative health even more exciting!"

– PharmD Student, P4

"I was quite impressed by the depth of knowledge of the presenters in the respective topics they shared. I would recommend this course to any healthcare practitioner or anyone curious to learn the basics of Integrative Health."

– PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

"Dr. Tarlow and Dr. Swathi were the perfect duo to share their experiences and knowledge around Integrative Health. Their enthusiasm was contagious and the material presented was super useful to my practice as a pharmacist. Highly recommend!"

– Advanced Practice Pharmacist

"This is a fantastic way to get an overview of integrative therapies in an unbiased way (unlike programs given by reps). The fact that this program is designed and taught by pharmacists to pharmacists is a must."

– Community Pharmacist

"This was a great introduction to integrative health! It provided excellent information and a great starting foundation for practitioners to delve deeper in these topics. Dr. Swathi and Dr. Tarlow were very passionate about the topics making each session very engaging for all of us!"

– PharmD Student, P3

"Thank you for your time and efforts! I really learned a lot from attending the Integrative Health 101 webinar series. I am excited to carry forth my knowledge on integrative health and resources from the course forward with me in my career."

– New Pharmacist Graduate